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The Finals have begun [21-09-2018]
With 23 teams from 5 different countries taking part, we have a nice attendance. Although the distribution over the classes could have been better (only 3 Rookie teams), we still look forward to a great competition. The battle for the Spirit is likely to be only between Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Yesterday's draw saw some fast rounds in AAA and AA, so teams could brush up their average with that. Today saw 3 rounds completed in all classes, with 1 score missing from AAA to finish round 3. And some teams have already done round 4. The weather has not been very cooperative, but tomorrow looks much better. With a third Caravan coming, hopefully we will be able to complete a few more rounds. No matter what, jumping will finish by tomorrow evening, after which we can expect a great party to finish the Finals in good Spirit (pardon the pun...).
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