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The official word has come in and Belgium has won the Spirit! [22-09-2018]
  Belgium outscored Germany 31-30 to win this year's Spirit and the right to organise next year's ESL FInals. ► read more
The competition is over! [22-09-2018]
  With 9 rounds completed in AA, A and Rookie, and 10 rounds completed in AAA, it is now time to party. The prize giving ceremony is finished and the winner of the Spirit - by only 1 point difference with the runner up, is.... ► read more
Day 2 [22-09-2018]
  The competition continues. ► read more
The Finals have begun [21-09-2018]
  With the draw being done yesterday evening, today saw the completion of 3 rounds in  all classes. AAA has already started round 4. ► read more
Details of the 2018 ESL FInals [24-07-2018]
  The bulletin and the entry form are now available on the site. You can also find a list of accommodations to help you find a place to stay. Online registration is now open. ► read more
ESL FInals 2018 [17-06-2018]
The ESL Finals are from 20-23 September and will be held in Saarlouis, Germany.
The briefing is on Thursday 20th evening, where at least one member per team is expected to be present. Competition is from Friday 21st - Saturday 22nd. Saturday 22nd evening there is the awards ceremony and party. There is no jumping on Sunday 23rd, so that day is for farewells and travelling home.

Check the Facebook page for latest info.
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